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Veteran's Day Ceremonies & Parade

Strawberry Crest Veteran's Ceremony

The Strawberry Crest High School Veteran's Day Ceremony is a large event attended by most of the school. The event includes the entire Charger Battalion along with special guests which include family veterans, and active enlisted military. This year we had the Navy's Petty Officer Herrera, and many other active recruiters. 

Bailey Elementary Veteran's Ceremony

This year, our Chargers went over to Bailey Elementary School and performed a Color Guard and Exhibition routine as well as attended their Veteran's day Ceremony. After the ceremony the participating cadets had a great time eating snacks provided by Bailey's team.

Lakeland Veteran's Day Parade

As well as both ceremonies, our Charger Battalion participated in Lakeland's Veteran's Day Ceremony and Parade. The Chargers marched proud through the streets of Lakeland and enjoyed a fun time after the parade trying new foods, and sight-seeing around the city.

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