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Company Mottos


First to fight, Last to run, Alpha

Companys number One, We aren't weak, We aren't scared, We will beat you anywhere, We Are Alpha bum-da-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum.


Bravo Bandits, we're the best

Bravo Bandits, Yes, Yes, Yes!


Charlie Company (Yes sergeant)

You know what we need to do (what sergeant)

We need to take down this competition 

Take them down, Take them down, Take them down to Charlie town

Echo (sucks), Alpha (sucks), Bravo (sucks), Foxtrot (sucks)

We are Charlie, We are Charlie

Who's the best (Charlie), Who's the greatest (Charlie), Who's going to win (Charlie), 

But wait...Where's Delta (Who's Delta) Hooah


Always Win don't take defeat!


Never back down, Never give up!


Rise From The Ashes

Fox, Fox, Foxtrot

Fox, Fox, Foxtrot

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